Thermal pad INSTEAD of paste in the Hyperbook SL606 workstation.

Thermal pad INSTEAD of paste in the Hyperbook SL606 workstation.

Honeywell PTM7950 Thermopad

The Honeywell PTM7950 thermopad is a revolutionary solution based on the modern technology of polymer "honeycombs". This innovative technology provides an alternative to traditional "liquid metal" and offers similar heat dissipation performance as the best liquid metal thermal pastes.

Unlike traditional thermal pastes, Honeywell PTM7950 contains no metal and is non-reactive with other metals in the cooling system. Thanks to this, it is completely safe and can be used in various types of electronics, without fear of damaging equipment such as computers, laptops, consoles or excavators. The properties of the Honeywell PTM7950 thermal pads do not deteriorate over time, on the contrary - the thermal pads do not dry out, as is the case with traditional thermal pastes. Practical tests clearly prove that the Honeywell PTM7950 is currently the best available solution for the effective removal of heat energy from the cooling system.

PTM7950 is a material with very high thermal conductivity, using phase change technology (PCM). Its design was to minimize thermal resistance in the interfaces, to ensure excellent performance through reliability testing, and to ensure application scalability at a competitive cost.

The PTM7950, based on an innovative PCM polymer system, has excellent interface properties in typical ranges operating temperatures, leading to extremely low contact surface resistance. Currently PTM7950 is only available in 0.25mm thickness (a thicker version is under development) so it is essential to ensure that this thickness is compatible and suitable for your application. at 150°C, T/C-B 1000 cycles) and maintains a low thermal impedance (<0.04 ˚Ccm2/W @ no shima), making the PTM7950 series desirable for high performance IC applications.

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