Cooling liquid for Hyperbook Liquid Station

Cooling liquid for Hyperbook Liquid Station

Hyperbook Liquid Station - choosing the right cooling liquid

In this document you will find information about recommended cooling liquids for the Hyperbook Liquid external cooling station, which is compatible with Hyperbook V17 Liquid laptops.

Choosing the right cooling liquid can affect the lifespan of the Hyperbook Liquid station as well as the liquid system in the laptop. Regardless of which cooling liquid you choose, we recommend that you replace it regularly throughout the system every 3 months.

Distilled water

Considering the materials used to produce the Hyperbook Liquid station as well as the entire cooling system, we strongly recommend choosing distilled water as the cooling liquid in the system.

However, it is worth to pay attention to its types, which are described below.

Products matching these standards are recommended for long-term use with Hyperbook Liquid Station

Often advertised as distilled water, but in reality it might be demineralised, so not as pure as distilled water.

Not recommended for long-term use, although you can use it ocasionally.

Some products may be advertised as distilled without specifying any standards.

Not recommended for long-term use, although you can use it ocasionally.

You can buy the appropriate type of distilled water online as well as in local stores such as pharmacies, medical stores, gas stations, car accessories stores or home equipment stores.

If you have trouble finding distilled water that meets the highest standards in local stores, you can temporarily use lower quality distilled/demineralized water and replace it with the one recommended for long-term use as soon as you acquire it.

Using fluids intended for desktop liquid cooling systems

Due to the harmful effects of some components of fluids intended for liquid cooling systems in desktop computers on plastic components in the Hyperbook Liquid station (2022 version), we do not recommend using fluids with additives of anti-corrosion agents, anti-freeze agents, or other additives.

In the Hyperbook Liquid Station (2023), sensitive plastic elements have been replaced with others that are resistant to the above-mentioned components (currently these elements are made of polyoxymethylene). However, we still do not recommend using fluids with any additives for the following reasons:

- We have received information that fluids with additional ingredients reacted with copper elements of the laptop cooling system causing their corrosion.

- We are unable to verify all available fluids for liquid cooling systems for the presence of additives/components that will have a negative impact on individual materials from which the entire system is made.

- In case of leakage of liquid from the system (not only due to wear and tear or defects), the skin, surface on which the laptop and station stand, or other objects nearby may be exposed to contact with chemical additives in fluids. Although the most popular fluids intended for liquid cooling systems in computers are not dangerous to health in case of such contact, such fluid should not come into contact with eyes, for example.

You can find more information about the Hyperbook Liquid station in the user manual, which is available by clicking on the button below:

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