Laptop keyboards

Hyperbook keyboards are unique products characterized by high functionality and such arrangement of keys that allows for their intuitive use. The new laptop keyboard is the hardware that will increase your playability. Modernly designed backlit laptop keyboards can be used both as the main keyboard and as backup equipment. The laptop keyboard should be intuitive to use, durable and comfortable to work with. All these features have been taken into account when designing the latest solutions for Hyperbook laptops. Hyperbook laptop keyboards have been invested in the latest solutions and components, which is the result of care for the comfort of use and satisfaction of the most demanding users. The equipment will be perfect for everyday office use and among professional players. Membrane keypads are characterized by high functionality and durability during intensive use. In addition, the manufacturer of Hyperbook keyboards provides a twelve-month warranty.

Stylish design and functionality

Keyboards have been stylishly designed, thanks to which they are characterized by a subtle shape that increases the efficiency of using the product. The aesthetic value and functionality of the equipment is also influenced by the lighting, which has been installed in the bottom layer of the keyboard. Illuminated keyboards for laptops increase the comfort of the user's work also in the evening and at night, with care for one's own eyesight and the comfort of people around. The keyboards are available in variants with white or multi-colored backlight. Laptop keyboards have a classic US button layout, thanks to which you will quickly adapt to their use and appreciate the new possibilities that lie ahead of you. Each Hyperbook keyboard is compatible with a specific group of manufacturer's laptops. The laptop keyboard has a classic arrangement of keys, which means that new users quickly adapt to new solutions and intensive use of Hyperbook hardware.

Personalize and adjust to your needs!

The most demanding players and users can adjust the colors of individual keys to their needs. Thanks to this, you can set your favorite color under the key that you use most often in the game. This will allow you to act quickly and intuitively and, consequently, win! With Hyperbook equipment, you will climb to the top in your favorite game every day or win new professional laurels. Keyboards for Hyperbook laptops are not only stylish design and high functionality. It is primarily modern equipment that is characterized by high durability even during intensive use. Having a spare keyboard for laptops means that you are not afraid of unforeseen situations. With Hyperbook hardware, you're prepared for the most demanding games and long-lasting performance. Reliability, style and comfort are the values that are perfectly reflected in the designs of backlit keyboards for Hyperbook laptops.

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