Wireless is a very common connection to the online network these days. The wifi network card is a component that can be installed in a laptop. It is used to receive and transmit data in a computer network. The quality of the wifi network card undoubtedly affects the quality of the connection, the speed of data transfer and the comfort of using the laptop. A wifi card for a laptop should be characterized by a high standard of workmanship and high-quality materials. Hyperbook offers network cards from two manufacturers: Huawei and Intel. The components in question are characterized by high quality of data transmission and durability. Even the most demanding laptop users will be satisfied with their work. The components will be great, among others, among active players who run long and demanding online games. In addition, the quality of data transfer and the durability of the equipment will also be appreciated by everyday users of office laptops.

Which laptop wifi card?

Laptop users often ask themselves: which laptop wifi card will be the best? One of the main factors when choosing this component is to determine the purpose of the laptop. A player who competes online every day and needs a high-quality connection characterized by reliability and data transfer speed will have completely different requirements. However, other requirements for the network card will be put by the everyday user of a laptop for basic office work. Fortunately, Hyperbook has made us not have to face such a dilemma. All laptop wifi adapters offered by Hyperbook representatives are adapted to even the most demanding use. Among them there is also the latest generation equipment, which is dedicated to professional players. The proposed solutions allow up to twelve times more bandwidth compared to the basic technology currently used in computers.

Ease of use

Can a wifi adapter affect my laptop experience? Of course! Let's imagine a situation that in a very important moment of the game or at work, our internet connection fails, and this will be caused by a poor quality network card. Hyperbook is aware that such situations take place, therefore, meeting the expectations of demanding partners, it provides top-class components in its offer. Laptop wifi network cards, which are available on the Hyperbook website, guarantee full compatibility with Microsoft Windows 10. In addition, Intel solutions have integrated Bluetooth 5, which allows us to freely use this function. Network cards are available in two types of connector: M.2 2230 (Intel) and M.2 3042 (Huawei). In addition, the Huawei solution has built-in GPS. The described network cards allow for comfortable and quick use of wireless networks.

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