14" Display laptops

Laptop is a device that is useful in our daily life. The advantage of this type of devices is the fact that you can take them with you to any place you want. This advantage makes them much more often chosen than classic personal computers. We present to you Hyperbook laptops equipped with a 14.1 "display, which makes them very comfortable to use and very light. The 14.1" laptop with Hyperbook is a device that is not only lightweight, but also very efficient. With it, you can use several programs at the same time or watch movies in high definition without any problems. They are highly mobile, and at the same time equipped with professional components, thanks to which you can use demanding applications and play the latest games.

14.1” display in Hyperbook laptops

The 14.1 "display, which Hyperbook laptops have, makes transporting these devices easy for anyone. They can fit both in a backpack and a small bag. 14.1" is the perfect size for people who often carry a laptop with them. Our 14.1" laptops are equipped with the latest seventh generation Intel Core i7 processors - this means that any, even the most demanding program will certainly run without any obstacles. The correct operation of the devices is also ensured by two RAM memory banks that can store up to 32 GB of data.

You can find a laptop with a 14.1 "display in Hyperbook

At Hyperbook, we have laptops with a 14.1 "display of the highest quality. The features that distinguish them are a stylish design and a durable housing. We know how important components such as the processor, graphics card or the amount of RAM are. For this reason, each customer can compose these elements in Hyperbook according to their needs. Thanks to this, we can offer laptops that are 100% in line with the expectations of our customers. This is what distinguishes us from the competition - we sew laptops to measure!

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