VR laptops

VR Ready laptops are innovative devices that allow you to conduct unforgettable games at the highest level. Adepts of computer games are well aware of the importance of image quality and smoothness. In response to these needs, Hyperbook VR Ready laptops were created, thanks to which the games become impressive. VR is the so-called virtual reality - thanks to it, the way of experiencing a given game significantly changes. The person sitting at the computer is placed in the center of the action. It is surrounded by the three-dimensional world of the game. Thanks to the movements of the head, the image of the game is constantly changing. Laptops of this type can support demanding Oculus Rift goggles - thanks to this they support a resolution of 2160x1200 at 90 frames per second. This is three times more than playing on a monitor at 1920x1080 resolution and 30 frames per second. Sounds unbelievable?

VR Ready - a laptop adapted to virtual reality

Only a few manufacturers have been certified for Virtual Reality. Hyperbook laptops have just received such a certificate. These are top-of-the-range devices. The distinguishing feature of Hyperbook laptops is the fact that they can be freely configured depending on the needs and expectations of the user. If you care about being able to play the most demanding games based on VR technology, don't hesitate any longer and buy a Hyperbook laptop. These devices are equipped with Intel Core i7 and i9 processors of the thirteenth generation, ultra-efficient SSD drives and huge amounts of RAM (up to 64 GB thanks to two memory banks). The innovative NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050 graphics cards with 6 GB of memory ensure the proper operation of all demanding applications.

You can find a VR Ready laptop in Hyperbook

Please see the specs of all VR Ready laptops in Hyperbook. Of course, it can be modified depending on individual expectations. At Hyperbook, we sell the best hardware at the best price.

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