Advanced cooling system

Advanced cooling system

Advanced cooling system in Hyperbook laptops

What is the advanced cooling system in Hyperbook laptops? This question comes up frequently in our conversations with clients. So we hasten to explain: The advanced cooling system is a service that consists in very meticulous polishing of the heat sink contact surfaces and their proper protection. Currently, Hyperbook is the only company in Europe to offer this professional service that increases the efficiency of the cooling system in laptops. For this tedious process, abrasive and polishing materials of various gradations are used, applied manually and by machine.

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Max temp. CPU Advanced cooling system
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Max temp. CPU Standard cooling system

Thanks to this treatment, a surface smooth as a mirror is obtained, and the oxidized layer of metal is removed, thanks to which the thermal paste can more effectively transfer heat from the chip to the cooling system. The operation of the laptop is quieter, the maximum temperatures are lower and are reached more slowly, and thus the life of the device itself is extended. This is especially important in the case of powerful gaming laptops, as well as laptops for professional use, which sometimes work under full load for up to several hours a day. We tested the Hyperbook Z15S for its temperatures and here are the results.

It is a very good idea to combine an advanced cooling system with a thermal paste based on liquid metal, e.g. Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut, which is also in our offer. Then we take advantage of the synergy effect, obtaining the absolute lowest operating temperatures. If you decide to apply it yourself, you must be extremely careful because liquid metal conducts electricity and can damage your computer! By choosing an unrivaled advanced cooling system, your PC will achieve the highest performance and work culture, and your friends will be amazed.

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Max temp. GPU Advanced cooling system
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Max temp. GPU Standard cooling system


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