Why should you clean your laptop?

Why should you clean your laptop?

What to look for when buying a laptop?

There are a whole lot of factors. Consumers pay attention to performance, screen, appearance or keyboard backlight. Few realize that a dream notebook should be easy to… clean. You can't even imagine how much dirt can penetrate inside the device. The photos show a radiator removed from a several-year-old gaming laptop. Let's add, from a laptop that the user really cared about and tried to regularly clean from the outside. However, this is not enough, when we look inside and look at the heatsink, we can see a crust of burnt dirt clogging the air outlet.

Similarly, any openings in the housing are clogged with a stiff layer of dust. While the latter can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, the heat sinks required gentle (so as not to damage the heat sink) scrubbing with a brush and solid vacuuming. This cannot be done without disassembling the entire cooling system. But if you vacuumed the interior every few months, it would never come to this state.

In the presented model, it is enough to unscrew a few screws and remove part of the housing. One more screw and you can remove the fan to vacuum everything. Many models do not have such facilities and most often you have to check where the plastic catches are and gently pry the housing so as not to break them. Various types of tutorials on YouTube, delicacy and patience are invaluable here. Cleaning is important because a clogged radiator does not cool the components sufficiently. As a result, the computer slows down so as not to overheat, and the fan howls forced to pump more air. While burnt dirt is an extreme situation in a very hot computer, the next photos from the Hyperbook website show that a thick blanket of dust clogging the radiator or fan is not uncommon.

Of course, you can take your computer to the service center to have it cleaned there. There are models that are practically impossible to open at home without special tools. However, a visit to the site is associated with the loss of a computer for min. several days. And simple cleaning is not difficult - all you need is a small screwdriver and common sense. Therefore, when looking at laptops in the store, it is worth taking a look at what they look like from the bottom, whether you can see all the screws, whether there is a flap for easy access to key components. It is also worth checking the warranty records, whether the user can disassemble the computer himself. For example, our Hyperbook laptops are easy to clean. We do not seal the inside of the computer.

Not every brand and not every model offers the ability to look inside the device. Check how it looks in the case of the equipment you want to buy. Of course, at first glance it looks like an additional parameter to check before buying. However, this one is extremely easy to verify even for a non-technical person. Besides, it is extremely unreasonable to complain after a year about the deteriorated operation of the computer, when the solution to the problem turns out to be a simple dusting of it.

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