Professional equipment performance and quality tests

Professional equipment performance and quality tests

Professional equipment performance and quality tests

At Hyperbook, we follow one basic rule: the equipment that will reach the customer must be functional and efficient. For this purpose, we conduct professional performance and quality tests. We use a number of professional tools for this, which we will discuss in the article below. We invite you to read it carefully. The professionals we employ thoroughly analyze all computer components - both the main components, such as the graphics card or processor, and the smaller ones, such as the network card. The many hours of tests we carry out give us confidence that all the computers we sell will serve our customers unscathed. Each new owner of a laptop from Hyperbook is guaranteed that his equipment will be reliable and incredibly fast. During the tests, we use a number of available tools, such as:

  • ➡️ 3D Mark,
  • ➡️ PC Mark,
  • ➡️ Cinebench R 15,
  • ➡️ Crystal Disk Mark,
  • ➡️ Prime 95,
  • ➡️FurMark.

Pre-sale computer test - what do we take into account?

Before the Hyperbook laptop reaches the customer's hands, it goes through specialized computer performance tests. At the very beginning, we check the quality of its workmanship. We assess whether all elements have been installed in accordance with our guidelines. We pay special attention to the execution of hinges, screen and housing. Then we start testing the most important components, such as the processor or graphics card.

CPU test, i.e. PCMark and Cinebench R15

To check whether the processor installed in the laptop is working properly, we use a specialized tool called PC Mark. It is an application thanks to which we conduct reliable performance tests. Thanks to it, we check how the laptop works in various circumstances - with a "clean system", playing demanding games and when using other advanced programs. PC Mark can also simulate working with an office suite, browsing the Internet or conducting teleconferences. Another of the tools we use to test processor performance is Benchmark Cinebench R 15. Specialists indicate that it is one of the best applications of this type in the world. The program is designed to check how the processor will function when rendering complex illustrations using one or more cores.

Computer speed test - hard drive

Hard drive speed is another very important thing to check. For this purpose, we use specialized software called Crystal Disk Mark. This program performs sequential tests and random data write and read operations, thanks to which we get an accurate measurement of the speed of the hard drive. The use of Crystal Disk Mark ensures that the hard drives we install in Hyperbook laptops will always work quickly and efficiently.

Graphics Card Performance Test

The graphics card is one of the most important components of every computer and laptop. Individual graphics systems, due to their construction, can differ greatly in both performance and purpose. The best tool to verify the performance of a laptop in terms of graphics is 3DMark. This manufacturer allows you to test graphics from various performance shelves, thanks to which each Hyperbook customer can be sure that he will receive a laptop that is graphically effective.

Buy a laptop from Hyperbook and see for yourself!

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of ultra-modern laptops from Hyperbook. Before reaching the customer's hands, each equipment is meticulously tested by our professionals. If you have any questions or doubts, please contact our consultants.

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