• Hyperbook


    Hyperbook is a Polish manufacturer of laptops - different than everyone else on the Polish market. We have gaming laptops that we are able to adjust to the needs of each player. It is the customer who decides on the choice of graphics card, processor or the amount of RAM needed.

  • Samsung


    Samsung is one of the largest electronic brands in the world. This company is engaged in the production and sale of various electronic devices, such as televisions, smartphones, tablets, laptops, as well as household appliances and electronic accessories.

  • Steel Series

    Steel Series

    SteelSeries is a brand with over 20 years of experience in the production of gaming equipment. The company offers a wide selection of gaming devices such as keyboards, mice, headphones, controllers and mouse mats. SteelSeries is recognized by professional gamers around the world who appreciate the high quality, durability and performance of this brand's devices.

    SteelSeries is famous for the innovation and design of its products, as well as the use of the latest technologies. This company is constantly working on improving its products to meet the needs of even the most demanding players.

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