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Hyperbook - Polish Brand

Hyperbook is a Polish manufacturer of laptops - different than everyone else on the Polish market. We have gaming laptops that we are able to adjust to the needs of each player. It is the customer who decides on the choice of graphics card, processor or the amount of RAM needed.

We build laptops from scratch to order! Flexibility and listening to customer needs are what other manufacturers of portable computers envy us. Gaming laptops are our specialty - this is confirmed by a large number of satisfied customers. Gaming laptops are not everything. We also have equipment for graphic designers, programmers and photographers.

Value for money

What distinguishes us from other companies is the best value for money. Nowadays, more and more people are betting on mobility at the expense of computer performance. Laptops have gained the infamous opinion that they offer much less power than stationary units. This is actually the case with ready-made products offered by many manufacturers. Hyperbook notebooks, however, are a completely different story. If you're looking for a laptop that's as good as a desktop PC, you've come to the right place. It is here that you will create a portable computer of your dreams, guaranteeing the possibility of enjoying your equipment wherever you want. At the same time, you will get maximum performance, allowing you to work in even the most demanding specialist applications and play the latest top titles.

Hyperbook V15 Valhalla

Laptops for gamers

Modern computer games are applications that require large resources of the processor, graphics card and RAM. Their creators, working with manufacturers of computer components, use modern technologies to make the game enjoyable not only at the story level, but also at the graphic level. Ray-tracing, Multisample Antialiasing, Tessellation - these are just some of the effects that squeeze the maximum energy out of individual components. Especially if the player sets the graphics options to the highest. Therefore, good gaming laptops must be equipped with modern, top-class parts. Graphics cards and processors play a big role here. On the other hand, the speed of data processing depends on the appropriate amount of RAM. The hard drive is of no small importance for the smoothness of the game, especially for loading individual levels. Efficient components, on the other hand, force one more feature of the notebook - efficient cooling. By choosing a Hyperbook gaming laptop, you get the opportunity to fully enjoy the amazing graphics that the game developers created for their title. We create portable computers at attractive prices, equipped with components that are often used in much more expensive high-end equipment of other brands available on the market. Hyperbook gaming laptops let you experience the latest games in all their glory!

Computers for professionals

In addition to efficient laptops for players, we also offer excellent solutions for professionals. Thanks to the configurator, you can assemble a notebook that will fully meet your professional requirements. Are you rendering graphics? Working with demanding applications for builders and architects? Bet on self-configuration of the computer! This will guarantee you equipment that allows for smooth and undisturbed work. Choose the proposals of the fully Polish Hyperbook brand! Browse through the available hulls, and then match them with other components or check what ready-made models our store has to offer. We assure you that together with us you will create a laptop for gamers or professionals that you have always dreamed of! All this at attractively low prices.

Laptop configurator

Why are we sure that the proposed equipment will fully meet your expectations? Because you decide what is inside the laptop! This is possible thanks to our modern and intuitive configurator. By using it, you first decide what the purpose of your new laptop will be. Then you specify the model. At this stage, you choose the processor, graphics card, screen type and size as well as refresh rate, keyboard type (our laptops are also equipped with mechanical models!), weight and additional features (e.g. specify the presence of the Thunderbolt 3 socket). In the next window, you go to the selection of individual components that are to be inside. So you decide on the RAM capacity (up to the maximum supported by your hardware). You select the types of drives to be installed in the set (including traditional HDDs and modern SSD models). It is also up to you whether the computer will be equipped with a separate WiFi network card or whether you will receive an additional optical drive (DVD or Blu-Ray). In addition, you can choose the cooling system - at your disposal are standard solutions, installed in most laptops, as well as advanced variants that guarantee thermal comfort and significantly extend the life of individual components.

Rigorous testing

The equipment that goes to the customer is characterized by the highest quality and efficiency. We achieve this effect during repeated and rigorous quality tests. During the tests, we examine aspects such as durability, work efficiency at high speeds, service life and, among others, the speed of operation. After successful tests, the computer is sold directly to the customer.

The highest quality

Each Hyperbook laptop is hardware that is hand-assembled in response to the individual needs of the user. In this way, computers of the highest quality are created, which are made with care and attention to every detail, both the parameters of components and their specialized and effective connections.

Barebone laptop

The solution, which is a laptop-barebont, is becoming an increasingly popular way to personalize your equipment. In fact, it gives opportunities similar to those that customers have when completing stationary equipment. The user chooses a barebone, i.e. a computer equipped with a graphics card and a processor, and then selects the most interesting components for it. This allows you to achieve much greater performance than in the case of notebooks with ready-made configurations presented by manufacturers. This also ensures that the created equipment fully meets the needs and expectations of the customer. It's a great way to build a PC that's perfect for both work and play.

Polish brand

Hyperbook is a 100% Polish brand founded in 2006. Equipment with the Hyperbook logotype is fully created based on Polish technical knowledge, experience and expertise of the best specialists on the market. Behind the knowledge and experience is entirely Polish capital, thanks to which each purchase supports Polish economic development and the construction of another strong Polish technological brand.

Professional service

When buying Hyperbook hardware, the customer also guarantees a 24-month warranty. In addition, out of concern for the quality of the services we provide, we have also launched a dedicated service hotline, where qualified specialists will answer every hardware question and offer advice and experience. When the equipment goes to the service, our representatives individually arrange the details with the client.

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