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Hyperbook – The best laptops for gamers and professionals

Hyperbook is a distinguished Polish laptop manufacturer that offers unique solutions for both gamers and professionals. Our gaming laptops are designed with the most demanding users in mind, offering the possibility of individual configuration of components. The customer has full control over the choice of graphics card, processor and amount of RAM, which allows you to create equipment that is perfectly tailored to your personal needs. We specialize in building laptops from scratch, to special order. Our flexibility and ability to listen to customer needs set us apart from other notebook manufacturers. Gaming laptops are our passion and specialty, which is confirmed by the number of satisfied customers who trust our brand. However, we do not limit ourselves only to players. Our offer also includes technologically advanced laptops for graphic designers, programmers and photographers, designed to meet the specific requirements of these professions. Choose Hyperbook if you value high quality, reliability and equipment tailored to your individual requirements.

Value for money

At Hyperbook, we understand that modern users are increasingly looking for devices that combine mobility with performance. Contrary to the common belief that laptops are less powerful than desktop computers, our notebooks are an exception, offering performance comparable to a PC. If you're looking for a laptop that not only rivals desktop computers in terms of performance, but also provides portability without compromise, Hyperbook is the perfect solution. Our laptops are built to meet the demands of even the most specialized applications and the latest games, while ensuring maximum performance. With Hyperbook you can create your dream portable computer that will accompany you everywhere and allow you to enjoy your favorite applications and games without limits. By choosing us, you gain not only exceptional quality and efficiency, but also an attractive price, confirming the best value for money on the market. We invite you to discover the Hyperbook offer - where quality meets innovation and the user always comes first.

Hyperbook V15 Valhalla

Laptops for gamers

In the era of developing technology, modern computer games are becoming more and more technically demanding. These applications require significant resources from the processor, graphics card and RAM to ensure smoothness and graphical sophistication. Modern technologies such as ray-tracing, multisample anti-aliasing and tessellation are crucial to obtain the highest level of visual effects, especially when the player decides to set the graphics settings to the maximum level. At Hyperbook, we understand these challenges and that's why our gaming laptops are equipped with the latest and highest-class components. The processors and graphics cards found in our devices are always top-shelf to ensure maximum performance and enable gamers to enjoy games without any compromises. In addition, the appropriate amount of fast RAM and advanced SSD hard drives guarantee lightning-fast data loading and smooth gameplay, even when loading the most resource-intensive levels. Effective cooling is also key, and in Hyperbook laptops it is designed to cope with intense heat generation during long-term gaming. Thanks to the advanced cooling system, our laptops maintain optimal temperature, which translates into the durability and reliability of the equipment. By choosing a Hyperbook gaming laptop, you gain not only performance, but also the opportunity to experience the extraordinary graphics that game developers have prepared for their titles. We offer laptops at prices competitive with other high-end brands, equipped with components used in much more expensive devices. Hyperbook gives you the opportunity to see the beauty of the latest games in all their glory, while ensuring seamless gameplay at the highest level. With Hyperbook, computer game enthusiasts can enjoy not only excellent build quality, but also exceptional performance that allows them to immerse themselves in virtual worlds without limits. We invite you to experience the difference that Hyperbook offers - where advanced technology meets passion for gaming.

Computers for professionals

At Hyperbook, in addition to advanced laptops for gamers, we also offer high-class solutions for professionals from various industries. Our advanced configurator allows you to create a notebook that perfectly suits your professional needs. Whether you render graphics or work on specialized applications for construction workers and architects, our laptops will ensure uninterrupted and effective work. Configuring your computer yourself allows for full personalization and optimization of components, which is crucial for specific professional requirements. At Hyperbook, we focus on flexibility - by choosing us, you can browse available laptop shells, which you can then freely expand with selected components. Regardless of whether you need more advanced equipment for professionals or an effective gaming laptop, our solutions will meet your expectations. We also offer ready-made models that are already configured to ensure optimal performance and comfort of use. All our laptops come from the fully Polish brand Hyperbook, which guarantees high quality and reliability. Thanks to attractive prices, our laptops are available to a wide range of customers who are looking for the perfect combination of price, quality and performance. Welcome to Hyperbook - create the laptop you've always dreamed of thanks to our personalized solutions. Join the group of satisfied customers who have chosen our laptops for both professional use and advanced gaming. Together with Hyperbook, you will discover a new dimension of possibilities, ensuring satisfaction and excellent performance at an attractive price.

Laptop configurator

At Hyperbook, we know that the key to complete satisfaction with your purchase is the ability to adapt the equipment to your individual needs. That's why we offer a modern and intuitive configurator that allows full personalization of your new laptop. With Hyperbook, you decide on every aspect of your future computer, which guarantees that the device will fully meet your expectations. The configuration process begins with determining the purpose of the laptop. Is it supposed to be a gaming machine? Or maybe a powerful tool for professional work? You then choose the model that best suits your requirements. At this stage, you can decide on the type of processor, graphics card, screen size and type, and its refresh rate. Once you have selected the model, you will proceed to the configuration of the laptop's interior. Here you can decide on the amount and type of RAM, as well as choose the types of drives - from traditional HDD to fast and reliable SSD. Additional options include the choice of a dedicated WiFi network card and the ability to add an optical drive such as a DVD or Blu-Ray. Hyperbook also offers a choice between a standard cooling system and advanced thermal solutions that not only ensure comfort of use, but also significantly extend the life of components. The ability to adjust the cooling system is especially important for users who plan to use their laptop intensively. Our configurator is designed to provide you with ease of use and maximum flexibility, allowing you to put together a laptop that is exactly what you need. Thanks to personalization, each Hyperbook laptop is unique and perfectly tailored to the user's specific needs. With Hyperbook, you're not just buying a laptop, you're investing in a tool that is precisely engineered to meet your personal and professional requirements. Our laptops are synonymous with quality, performance and personalization. Choose Hyperbook and enjoy equipment that will delight you not only with its power, but also with the possibilities of adapting it to your needs. We invite you to use our configurator and create the laptop you have always dreamed of!

Rigorous testing

At Hyperbook, we continually strive to ensure that every piece of equipment that reaches our customers represents the highest standard of quality and performance. This commitment to excellence is evident throughout the production of our devices, from the rigorous testing process through to final delivery of the product to the user. Each computer goes through a series of repeated and rigorous quality tests that are crucial to assessing and ensuring product reliability. During these tests, we carefully examine various aspects of the device's performance, such as:

    Endurance: We check how the equipment copes with extreme conditions, simulating long-term use and exposure to various external factors.
    Performance high speeds: We test how the laptop behaves under intense load, which is crucial for gamers and professionals who need strong technological support.
    Lifespan: We assess how long individual components can function effectively without a drop in performance, which is important to ensure long-term performance satisfaction with use.
    Speed ​​of operation: We analyze the speed of the system's response to user commands, which directly affects the comfort and efficiency of work.

After successfully passing all tests, Hyperbook computers are ready for direct sale. Each laptop purchased from us is a promise of the highest quality, which we confirm with real actions and a strict verification process. When you buy hardware from Hyperbook, you can be sure that you are getting a product that has been thoroughly tested and is ready to meet your expectations - regardless of whether you need a reliable tool for work or a powerful machine for the latest games. Our laptops are synonymous with durability, speed and top-class workmanship. We invite you to experience the difference that Hyperbook offers. Choose equipment that will not only meet your expectations, but also inspire you to achieve new opportunities at work and play.

Highest quality

At Hyperbook, we understand that every user has unique needs and expectations from their laptop. That's why each Hyperbook laptop is assembled by hand, with full focus on the individual customer requirements. This production philosophy allows us to deliver computers of the highest quality that stand out not only for their performance, but also for their unique workmanship. The assembly process of each Hyperbook laptop takes place in our specialized workshops, where experienced technicians assemble each component with great precision and attention to detail. From the selection of components, through their precise connection, to the final quality control, everything is made by hand. Thanks to this, each element is carefully checked and matched, which guarantees optimal operation and durability of the equipment. Not only assembly, but also the way in which individual components are connected is crucial to achieving maximum efficiency. At Hyperbook, we use advanced techniques that ensure effective and specialized connection of elements so that each laptop operates technically flawlessly. This approach allows you to maximize the potential of each component used. Manually assembling the equipment allows you to fully adapt the laptop to the user's needs. Whether you are a professional graphic designer, programmer, gamer, or need a reliable tool for office work, Hyperbook offers the opportunity to configure a laptop that perfectly suits your needs. Each computer can be equipped with industry-specific software or components, making it a truly personalized product. By choosing a Hyperbook laptop, you are investing not only in high-class equipment, but also in the satisfaction of using a computer that was created with you in mind. Each model is a symbol of our commitment to providing products that not only meet, but often exceed the expectations of our customers. We invite you to experience the difference with Hyperbook - where technological innovation meets craftsmanship and personalization, delivering an unparalleled user experience at every level.

Hull laptop

The laptop-hull solution is becoming an increasingly popular way to personalize your equipment. In fact, it offers possibilities similar to those available to customers when assembling stationary equipment. The user selects a hull, i.e. a computer equipped with a graphics card and processor, and then selects the components that interest him most. This allows you to achieve much greater performance than in the case of notebooks with ready-made configurations presented by manufacturers. This also ensures that the created equipment fully meets the customer's needs and expectations. It's a great way to build a PC that's perfect for both work and play.

Polish brand

Hyperbook is a 100% Polish brand established in 2006. Equipment bearing the Hyperbook logo is fully based on Polish technical knowledge, experience and expertise of the best specialists on the market. The knowledge and experience is supported by entirely Polish capital, thanks to which each purchase supports Polish economic development and the construction of another strong Polish technology brand.

Professional service

When purchasing Hyperbook equipment, the customer also guarantees himself a 24-month warranty. Moreover, to ensure the quality of the services we provide, we have also launched a dedicated service hotline, where qualified specialists will answer any hardware questions and provide advice and experience. When the equipment is sent to the service center, our representatives individually discuss the details with the customer.

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